Online Casino Roulette Winning Formula and Strategy

roulette winning formula

One of the most loved and most popular online casino games in India is roulette. Multitudes of casino players who visit online casinos in the country do so intending to play roulette. This also includes beginner players. When one takes a closer look at roulette, it becomes crystal clear to see why the game is so popular with most casino players.

Firstly, roulette as a game ranks among the simplest of casino games. This necessitated by the fact that the game comes with simple gameplay rules and instructions something which translates to a simple gameplay experience.

Second and arguably the most important, roulette is one of the few games in the casino world that is found on both ends of the spectrum that is, it is classified on one hand as a chance-based game and on the other hand as a skill-based game. When it comes to the chance part, players just need to summon lady luck and if she visits, then the probability of winning instantly increases. On the other hand, however, roulette as a game requires a bit of skill. When players master the skills, then they also significantly up their chances of winning. Owing to these factors, the prospect of playing roulette thus becomes enticing and appealing hence the reason most players favour this game in India.

Looking at roulette as a skill-based game, we have to say that there are some playing tips and winning strategy that players need to acquire to open the path for a successful and rewarding gaming adventure. In light of this, we did pen this article to expose, explore and share all of these roulette playing tips and winning strategy with all roulette lovers. Before we start exploring the tips and strategy however, its important that we first highlight all roulette games so that players know exactly where to apply their newly found winning strategy.  

Types of Roulette Games

Roulette is a game that comes with many variants. However, there are three main variants that are widely popular and these are European roulette, American roulette and French roulette.

  • European roulette: European roulette comes with a roulette wheel which features 37 number pockets. The number pockets range from 1-36 and they feature one ‘0’.
  • French roulette: French roulette when it comes to the wheel is identical to European roulette. What differentiates French roulette from European roulette is the fact that the game comes with two special rules. The first one is the ‘la partage’ which sees players receive half of their bet back when their outside bet loses with the ball resting in the ‘0’ pocket. The second one is the ‘en prison’ rule which allows the player to place another bet free of charge when his/her outside bet loses with the ball resting in the ‘0’ pocket.
  • American roulette: American roulette differs from the other two roulette variants above in that it comes with 38 number pockets. The extra pocket comes in the form of a double zero ‘00’ pocket.

How to Play Online Roulette

Playing roulette is a simple adventure. All that players need to do is to search for the variant of their preference. Once players have located the variant of choice, the next thing is to place their bet. The way players place their bet is dependent on the betting type they choose. There are two main types of roulette bets that is, inside bets and outside bets. Once players have placed their bets, all that’s left is for the wheel to be spun and to see the wheel result which determines winners and losers.

Roulette Rules & Strategy

When it comes to roulette, players need to know the wheel they are playing on. Roulette wheels are different (as explained above) and these differences translate to different game odds. The second thing that players need to be aware of is the fact that roulette comes with several bet types. The umbrella bet types are the outside and inside bets. However, under each of these umbrella bet types are all the roulette bet types. When it comes to inside bets, players ought to note that they come with high odds but the probability of winning is low. When it comes to outside bets, players ought to note that the odds are a bit low but the probability of winning is high. When the player is feeling lucky, then going for the inside bets is recommended. The opposite is true when it comes to outside bets.

3 Useful Roulette Winning Formula for Players

There are three important roulette winning formula that players can use to maximize their chances of winning. Below, we highlight these three in detail.

  • Progressive Betting System: There are various progressive betting systems that players can adopt. However, the most recommended is the Martingale system. The principle of the system is “double up after you lose”. If players obey this principle and double up the bet after each loss, even if players go on a string of losing bets, whenever the win finally comes, it will in an instance help the player recover all the previous losses while at the same time allowing the player to scoop a 1 unit profit.
  • Betting Zones: The betting zone is a formula which requires players to cover neighbour positions on the wheel when placing bets. The principle of the formula is that once players have observed the hot numbers/pockets, they can maximise their chances of reaping rewards from the hot numbers/pockets by betting on neighbouring positions. If the ball does not fall on the hot number/pocket, then its likely it is going to fall within the neighbouring pockets/numbers.
  • Predictive Systems: Observation and psychology can play a key part when playing roulette especially when playing live roulette. Through observation, players can try to exploit flaws in the gaming equipment and system. Through psychology, players can also try to exploit flaws in the roulette dealer.

Where to Play Online Roulette

Players looking to give online roulette a try can do so at the following online casinos:

Final Thoughts

Roulette is quite an incredible game to play. The game comes with simple gameplay rules and instructions hence its open even to beginner players. On top, the game is available on both ends of the spectrum that is, it’s both a chance-based game and a skill-based game. This therefore makes it accommodative to all types of players be it those who favour luck games or those who favour skill games.

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