Understanding Mega Casino World Affiliate: The Ultimate Guide for Indian Users

understanding mega casino world affiliate

Mega Casino World is one of the biggest homes for entertainment in India and some other licensed countries in the world. This gambling destination is known to provide a wide range of games and incredible features such as numerous banking options, customer support channels, and anything else to prove its trustworthiness. However, what many do not know about this operator is that it also hosts several betting brands and promotes their products for the ultimate aim of making profits. This online gambling destination’s proactive marketing program is called the AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Mega Casino World MCW welcomes everyone to join their affiliate program, a solid step to work with real professionals and make profits through incredible commissions. But before you join, let’s discuss important points you need to familiarize yourself with.

What is Mega Casino World Partnership Like?

A partnership is the coming together of brands or companies for mutually inclusive benefits. An Affiliate Program is a form of partnership because it involves the strategic cooperation of different brands, i.e., a company and an affiliate marketer for the sole aim of promoting products or brands and getting paid. Before continue reading, get to know more about Mega Casino World review here.

Mega Casino World opens itself to developing a relationship with people, i.e., affiliate marketers, who are interested in publicizing their betting brands to the general public using different means such as social media, websites, etc., and getting returns or dividends based on the stakes laid by referred players. That means: the more the players that join the system through your unique link or code provided by MCW, the higher the profits you get.

How to Become an Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate on Mega Casino World isn’t difficult at all because all you need is to contact the operator’s customer support to open an affiliate account. During registration, you will be asked to provide some relevant information that will be used to verify your identity and make sure you get your payments on maturity dates. Opening an affiliate account on MCW is free.

After creating an affiliate account, you should log in to the partner interface of the company’s website to get started. Here, you will be provided with a unique code that distinguishes you from other affiliate partners registered on the platform. With this code, you can invite players to use the promoted brands and a commission is paid based on the net profits produced by referred players to the platform.

Making Profits and Learning About Development?

Getting players to join the promoted platforms may not be an easy task and that automatically has an impact on the profits you would make on the commission day. However, what MCW does, is provide partners with materials and resources on how to win players over. Not every affiliate partner can own a personal website where they can operate and invite people; thus, MCW allows partners to design their website using their system.

This casino operator also suggests that partners become more creative in their approach to getting players. They can make use of ads in magazines or newspapers, email marketing, and other efficient ways of winning people over. However, MCW frowns at partners sending emails to members without permission – it could lead to account termination or earnings forfeiture.

For every activity on the MCW affiliate program, there is a systemized platform that displays profits and the number of referrals.

The Brands and Commission

In the Mega Casino World Affiliate Program which is the Top 5 online games for money in India, the brands promoted include MCW Sports, i.e., Exchange, Sportsbook, and Kabaddi, MCW Slots, MCW Lottery, MCW Casino, MCW Table Games, and MCW Promotions.

Regarding commission, new partners will earn an initial rate of 30% commission from the MCW affiliate program. Afterward, you can earn between 30% to 45% commission rate based on the number of monthly active players (a minimum of 5 active players per month). Also, a minimum of 10,000 INR (Indian rupee) per payout is required before the commission can be processed and paid by the middle of each month.

MCW Affiliates Promotions: The Terms and Conditions

The MCW Affiliate Program’s Promotions Platform has rows consisting of various affiliate accounts, monthly APs, and bonus amounts.

The AP means Active Sports Players. It is the player with a minimum of 10,000 INR turnover per month on sports products. Affiliates only receive 50% of the bonus if there is a negative balance carryover on affiliate players’ total net profits.

The Mega Casino World Affiliate Promotion is only valid between 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022, and it is available for all INR affiliates. The minimum AP needed every month to get rewarded with the special new year bonus is 15.

Also, every affiliate can only get a maximum bonus of 22,000 INR throughout the promotion period, and the bonus will only be paid every 10th of the month. This bonus amount is calculated differently from the affiliate commission, and there is no wagering requirement for withdrawal. Finally, the casino operator reserves the right to amend decisions regarding this promotional offer for Indian affiliates.

150% Welcome Bonus

Slots & Table Games 150% First Deposit Bonus ₹10,000

New Player Bonus

Special 100% First Deposit Bonus ₹200