Cricket Live Score

Cricket Live Results, 13 Jul 2024

Leagues (scroll right)
Twenty20 International
Kenya Kenya
status 2nd Innings
Kenya 137 6 18.2
136 8 20
Target 137 runs
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
India India
status 2nd Innings
Zimbabwe 152 7 20
India 152 0 15.1
Target 153 runs
T20 Blast
Sussex Sussex
Essex Essex
status 2nd Innings
Sussex 207 2 20
Essex 211 5 18.3
Target 208 runs
Twenty20 International Women
England W England W
New Zealand W New Zealand W
status 2nd Innings
England W 104 3 11.3
New Zealand W 103 8 20
Target 104 runs

Top Platforms To Watch Live Cricket Games, View Highlights And News.

Lovers of the cricket game always want a reliable, user-friendly, and accurate place to watch their favorite game online, check for results, and view current standings without interruption. While some platforms stream a couple of games or might not even stream live games at all, the desire of most cricket lovers is to get a reliable where they can watch their favorite game in real-time 24/7. Therefore, getting accurate information about the latest happenings in the world of cricket has never been easier with the information provided in the article.

We will cover and analyze top apps and websites that provide both local and international live matches, scores, updates, schedules, and everything cricket. These platforms will make sure that you are up to date without missing any important action or event.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Suitable Platform

Considering the numerous apps and websites available online, some important factors must be considered before opting for a suitable platform to receive the latest updates. Some important factors are:

The mobile-friendliness and accessibility of the platform

Accuracy and quickness of providing live updates. 

Ability to provide exactly what the user wants and how easy it is to access them.

Direct connection with the ICC (International Cricket League), the ICC world cup, and the IPL (Indian Premier League).

Top Platforms That Offers Live Updates On ICC And IPL



Rating: 3.7

Cricbuzz is a prominent platform that offers live scores, schedules, highlights, tables, and videos on everything cricket. Users can easily get live updates on the latest results, standings and stay updated with both oral and written commentary. This is an excellent website for getting live updates due to its user-friendliness, quick updates, and accurate records.

Cricbuzz also carries out random post-match interviews with players and managers which makes their platform very interactive and informative. They have numerous sports analysts that provide professional reviews and analysis of past and future fixtures. Apart from this, they offer real-time live scores, stats, and comprehensive information and speculation directly from the bowler and the batsman which informs users on what to expect from any game.

The Cricbuzz platform can be accessed directly on their website using any preferred browser and is compatible with both Android and iOs devices via their app which has been integrated with real-time notifications to notify you about your favorite matches.

Features of Cricbuzz

Instant scores and commentary

Offer informative content such as analytical projections from sports experts, live coverage, and galleries.

Notification for live and favorite matches

Comprehensive details about player stats and profiles.

Pre-match prediction and post-match highlights.

Pros of Cricbuzz

Offer comprehensive information on a wide variety of leagues.

Accurate player rankings and profile.

User-friendly, responsive, and easily accessible platform.

Post-match reviews and interviews.

Real-time live updates on scores and stats.

Cons of Cricbuzz

Provides limited access to live stream matches.

Loads of Ads

Disney Hotstar



Hotstar is a streaming platform that allows user to stream their favorite live TV programs, movies, and series of sports such as cricket through different subscription plans in both English and Indian languages. This app helps provide sports enthusiasts with both online and offline content on the latest matches and leagues. 

Cricket lovers can subscribe every month for just Rs. 299 or annually for Rs. 1499 to enjoy unlimited streaming and live cricket action right on the app. 

The Disney Hotstar interface has an amazing user interface that is user-friendly, easily accessible, and responsive. The app is available for Android devices on the play store and the Apple store for iOs devices.

Features of Disney Hotstar

Access to a range of live sports streaming services.

Offers live sport stats, scores, and updates.

Real-time news on cricket events and fixtures.

Access to movies, commentaries, match highlights, schedules, fixtures, and stats.

Pros of Disney Hotstar

The app has an easily accessible and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to quickly locate their favorite movies and programs.

You can get real-time sports news, fixtures, and stats for free.

Amazing streaming and download speed.

The app is available for both Android and IOs devices.

Cons of Disney Hotstar

VIP subscription is required to access sports streaming services.



Rating: 3.8

This app is the best for cricket lovers who need instant live scores for all cricket games. It comes with a user interface specifically designed for live cricket updates and news. 

Its website is popular for live score updates, live commentaries, scoreboards, and exhaustive content. The app is available on Android and iOs platforms with features that make the platform loaded with exhaustive content and different categories that make users easily discover what they really want. Some of these categories are features, teams, stats, series, live scores, and videos.

The live score category on the app provides real-time updates on live scores, events, and commentaries. Stats and standings from past matches from every season are also available. Upcoming schedules can also be checked in the featured category to discover the international calendar.

ESPNcricinfo also comes with a liveblog category of cricket matches that includes a series of scorecard options that allows users to monitor specific aspects of the game as partnership breakdowns and wagon wheels. Every match comes with a bulletin that describes the events and turning points in the game. 

A prominent feature of the platform is StatGuru, a comprehensive database that comes with player stats, team information, cricket boards, individual and team records, and tournament information. 

Features of ESPNcricinfo

Real live scores, rankings, and scoreboards.

Latest team and player info, cricket boards, and officials.

User friendly and responsive

App is available for both Android and iOs devices.

Pros of ESPNcricinfo

Instant and latest updates

Notifications on favorite matches and cricket updates.

Features past and future records on individual teams and players.

Cons of ESPNcricinfo

Shows too many advertisements

Willow TV


Rating: 3.5

WillowTV app is a popular streaming service that offers 24/7 high definition streaming for cricket enthusiasts offering its service mainly in the US, Canada, and India. With an app compatible with both iOs and android devices, it allows users to stream their favorite cricket matches and view scoreboards right from their devices. It also offers exclusive highlights that ensure that you don’t miss any moment of the game. It is so popular that it has taken control of the majority of the US cricket-loving community.

WillowTV partners with top cricket league boards such as Bangladesh Cricket Board, Cricket South Africa, Pakistan Cricket Board, the Indian Premier League, Sri Lanka Cricket, West Indies Cricket Board, among others to provide real-time commentary that offers an amazing experience to users when watching their favorite cricket game.

The WillowTV app allows users to share an amazing moment from their favorite game on social media with just one click. This can help users discuss their favorite sport and sportsmanship seamlessly with friends and loved ones.

Features of WillowTV app

24/7 live streaming service available

Easily keep track of live commentary on the app

Seamless and real-time highlights

Share favorite game moments with friends on social media

Create a favorite list of videos in-app

Pros of WillowTV app

Available in different languages and countries

Offer real-time cricket news.

Streaming service available 24/7

Cons of WillowTV 

Subscription plan required

No free trial 

Regular app crashes

Poor customer service

Wrap Up

The burning desire of any cricket lover is to watch their favorite game without interruption. Apart from having a reliable streaming service, you also need to easily monitor and enjoy all the action from live commentaries, video highlights, scoreboards, news, match schedules, individuals, and team profiles. 

Nevertheless, some of the most reliable platforms that have met the requirements of many cricket lovers are seeking a platform have been highlighted in this article. Any of the apps you eventually opt for will offer an enjoyable experience while you watch the game you love in real-time. The good part is that these platforms are available for both Android and iOs devices to enable you to watch and monitor games on the go. 

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